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Share Satisfaction Sutra - Purple - 5.3 Inch

ByShare Satisfaction. SKU: 248170
Share Satisfaction SutraShare Satisfaction SutraShare Satisfaction SutraShare Satisfaction SutraShare Satisfaction SutraShare Satisfaction Sutra
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rating 5.0
4.8 / 5 Based on 43 reviews
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Batteries: USB x 1
Material: Silicone
Silicone is smooth, non-porous and body-safe. Learn more


Luxury sex toy brand Share Satisfaction is proud to bring you their next revolutionary dual stimulation sex toy. Sutra is the Ying to best-seller Kama's Yang, and is here to blow your mind.

This stunning vibrator and clitoral suction toy in one ups the ante and boasts an entirely new form of suction stimulation, utilising patented negative pressure suction waves that stimulate the clitoris with a whole new depth of pleasure.

Sutra offers 5 delicious suction modes along with 10 varied vibration patterns. As one end stimulates the clitoris externally, the intsertable arm slips into the vagina to pleasure the G-spot. The insertable arm is fully posable and can be molded to match your anatomy, contouring to the beautiful unique shape of your body for ultimate pleasure.

Smaller than Kama and a perfect toy for travel, Sutra is ideal for spontaneous stimulation. A storage case and travel lock ensures Sutra is safe in purses, bags or pockets, with no unwanted interruptions occurring as this toy awaits your next self-love session.

Sutra is designed to be fully waterproof and is USB rechargeable for repeated bliss. It is made of body-safe, latex and phthalate-free silicone. Sutra is a game changer in the sex toy world and is an absolute necessity in any toy collection. Get ready to meet your go-to toy for all around pleasure.

Keen to know more about Sutra? Watch below where sex expert, Emma Hewitt, gives you the run down on Sutra and tells you all the information you need to know about this revolutionary sex toy!

Key Features of Share Satisfaction's Sutra:

  • 10 Vibration modes
  • 5 Suction modes
  • Patented Negative Pressure Suction stimulation
  • Multi-stimulating: Internal and external shafts
  • Waterproof to an IPX7 level
  • Moldable insertion shaft
  • Soft-touch material
  • Body-safe
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Travel lock
  • Each Sutra comes with a storage case

How to Use Sutra by Share Satisfaction:

Sutra can be used in a variety of ways depending on your stimulation preferences. The design is elegant yet functional in nature, giving you the orgasm of your dreams. Play hands-free as the whisper-quiet vibrations and suction modes take you to cloud-nine, or use each shaft separately.

For the best experience with Sutra, use waterbased lubricant on both the insertable and suction shafts as well as on the intended areas of stimulation. Carefully position Sutra and mold the internal shaft to match your body's shape. Once done, activate the vibration and suction modes for the best possible result and then it's simple - sit back, relax and enjoy as Sutra sends you to heaven!

How to Care for Sutra:

Once finished with Sutra, make sure to wash it down with warm soapy water or any your favourite sex toy cleaner. Once done, ensure Sutra is fully dry and place it back inside its storage case for future use.

Product Specifications of the Share Satisfaction's Sutra:

  • Total Length: Extended - 5.3 Inch (13.5cm) || Unextended - 3.5 Inch (9cm)
  • Circumference: 3.5 Inch (8.8cm)
  • Case Dimensions: Diameter - 3.5 Inch (9.5cm) x Width - 1.5 Inch (4cm)
  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Colour: Teal
  • Battery Type: USB Rechargeable
  • Allergens: Phthalate-free, latex-free
  • Waterproofing: Water-resistant at an IPX5 level

About the Manufacturer:

Sutra is from Share Satisfaction, New Zealand's leading luxury sex toy brand. Share Satisfaction products are carefully curated to bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction all whilst using body-safe materials and being USB rechargeable.

Customer Reviews

Moofs - 17 Mar, 2022
Verified purchaser
I got this because I was wondering what to replace my satisfyer pro with as it had died. The handsfree aspect and the suction was a winner in my book. But oh my god this is so LOUD. As in the neighbors down the road can definitely hear it. Oh well. It's fun on the rare night that hubby isn't home. Holy moly lemme tell ya, in like.... Two seconds flat I was done and flinging that thing as far away from me as I could 🤣 10/10 recommend but make sure you got soundproofing in your room!
Keeps going.
Jcole - 19 Jan, 2022
Nonverified purchaser
Unlike a partner who hits the right spot and then just as you're about there, they change their rhythm. This gem won't do that to you. It'll get the spot and keep you tumbling over that mountain time and time again. The only thing it needs to be absolutley perfect is a remote for when you're satisfied, so you're not faffing around trying to pull it away when you're still stimulated and just wanting to lay there in O bliss without distruption (you know what I mean.)
Overall a great toy that I welcome into my collection!.
Tash - 30 Sep, 2021
Verified purchaser
I was an ATMS product tester for Sutra. The Sutra comes in very elegant packaging and looks beautiful. It's compact and even has a super convenient case that could easily and discreetly be stored in your handbag or make up case. Amazing! Having both g-spot and clitoris stimulation it provides a full on orgasm that made my whole body tingle. The toy is bendable so you are able to easily move it into the right place, even when the g-spot piece is inside you. The clitoral suction piece is quite small, so it took me a little bit of time to get into place but when it was right it felt amazing. Very similar to other suction toys I have but not as intense so I got a good build up to orgasm rather than an almost instant one. The Sutra is quite easy to use, when it's in place you can let go, lie back and enjoy the ride. One downside is that it is quite noisy so if that's a concern for you it's a great toy for when you're alone. Overall a great toy that I welcome into my collection.
Wow. Best thing i've ever used!.
Row - 11 Nov, 2021
Verified purchaser
I had only used a clit vibrator before this. I always felt uncomfortable with vaginal toys. Sutra is amazing and hands free and has made me enjoy vaginal stimulation. It's quiet, discreet and the packaging is fabulous.
Discreet and powerful.
Lily - 30 Sep, 2021
Verified purchaser
I received Sutra before it hit the market as I was a product tester. First impressions were that this toy would be GREAT for on the go! The toy came well packaged in a gorgeous, sleek and minimalistic designed box with a magnetic seal. It comes with a plastic clamshell charging case for discreet charging and storage. It has a small magnet seal and could be easily slipped into a handbag or makeup bag. The toy itself is adjustable which is a bonus as everybody is different! I would recommend taking some time to figure out positioning and moulding the toy to best fit your body. Both my partner and I took several tries and quite a bit of patience to figure it out, but got there in the end! It is well worth taking the extra bit of time to get to know how the toy works with your own body. The toy's clitoral suction is small but powerful! I found that it is more intense when fully charged than other popular suction toys. As someone who likes quite intense stimulation, this ticked the boxes! The internal vibration is also powerful and has loads of different patterns and intensities to choose from. The variety of combinations is so great! The biggest flaw of this toy is that the 3 buttons are hard to tell apart when you're not directly looking at them, which makes changing the intensity while using the toy on yourself difficult. It's much easier having someone else there to help! Overall, I enjoyed trying this toy as something new for both my female partner and I. It is discreet, powerful and small enough to slip into your bag for trips away. It does take a bit of patience and time to get right, but the pros far outweigh the cons!
Better than the Kama.
E - 1 Mar, 2022
Verified purchaser
I had the Kama for a year.... it has nothing on this
Packs a punch.
KJ - 23 Jan, 2022
Verified purchaser
I wanted something that I could use inside and outside for stimulation, I like mostly clit stimulation but sometimes want to have inside as well. I bought a rabbit type toy awhile ago (from amazon) and just found that the inside and outside never really worked in harmony and it became annoying and frustrating. Even just trying clit stimulation was hard because of the stupid ears that didn't do much. So when I read about the Share Satisfaction Sutra it sounded a lot like what I wanted in the first place! Firstly the material is so soft and well made, it looks cute to begin with and the charging port is so cool. It doesn't even look like a sex toy to someone strolling by. It's also really bendy so you can just use the clitoral part or the internal part, or you can use them at the same time. You can just let it sit there and it will stay and give you a lovely time. It's lovely and small so it doesn't get clunky to use and the suction on it is out of this world. The internal vibration feels lovely too. Overall it really is worth the money given the quality of it and how powerful and beautiful it is :)
Super intense..
Pippa - 18 Mar, 2022
Verified purchaser
If you like high intensity and haven't got much time this gem is your go to, fantastic that the shaft is pliable and can be bent into the perfect spot just for you.
Catt - 16 Mar, 2022
Verified purchaser
Money well spent. Moulds well and hits all the right spots.
handy gadget from totally spies.
cf - 13 Mar, 2022
Verified purchaser
the compact look makes me feel like its a gadget straight outta Totally Spies lol. very handy to keep away and I can just charge it out in the open without feeling weird if someone see it. also, holy shit the suction is sooooooo good and so intense. the vibration side feels good and is good as a vibrator even on its own. haven't felt brave enough to use both functions at one go because each side already has my toes curling in under a minute but bet it'd be amazing.

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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
10th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
ATMS and constituents are polite and professional. I now realize how far the product traveled, so it's understandable that the boxing was flimsy. Maybe use a little more tape next time. Thank you for your optional availability, you deserve positive recognition. Best regards
6th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Great products and great prices
6th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Was amazing , I expected it to take long cause of the public reviews but it came at a good time , I received all alerts about my package , they delivered it with care !!!
3rd August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
The vibrator starts off intense and as you click through the levels it goes to insane, wife loves it so I love it. Thanks ATMS!
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