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Stronic Petite - Purple - 7 Inch

ByFun Factory. SKU: 270759
Stronic PetiteStronic PetiteStronic PetiteStronic PetiteStronic PetiteStronic PetiteStronic PetiteStronic Petite
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Material: Silicone
Silicone is smooth, non-porous and body-safe. Learn more


Stronic Petite is a beginner’s pulsator. It thrusts back and forth all by itself — no handholding required! At the heart of this mini pulsator is a powerful FUN FACTORY motor surrounded by 100 % body-friendly materials.

So, you like to try out new toys and Fun Factory's innovative, pulsating technology caught your eye? Then the Stronic Petite may just be the right toy for you. Fun Factory's smallest and lightest pulsator thrusts all by itself for hands-free FUN. Plus, the tapered tip is easy to insert, making it a great first pulsator or sex toy.

Depending on your mood, you can use this super-quiet little thrusting vibrator for anything from gentle penetration to a wild session of thrusting FUN. And look ma, no hands! But where to put them? We have no doubt you know a spot that feels really good.

First of all, STRONIC PETITE doesn’t vibrate. Instead, two powerful magnets drive a counterweight inside, allowing this small thrusting vibrator to move back and forth. You get to choose from an inspiring range of intensities from gentle caresses to powerfully rhythmic thrusting. And best of all, the toy does all of this by itself — your hands stay free to do whatever feels good...

As the name hints at, the PETITE is the smallest and most lightweight model in the STRONIC line. That makes it more manageable, easier to insert, and also allows it to actually be used 100% hands-free!

The insides of this lightweight toy contain the same powerful motor as all the other STRONIC models. What’s more, STRONIC PETITE is a high-quality product made of high-end materials in Germany and offers several different modes that are guaranteed to inspire. It also fits easily into any bag and has a travel lock — get in some FUN on the road! What’s more, you can save your favorite setting. In other words, this toy is a truly FUN product in every way.

Key features of the Stronic Petite:

  • Hands-free thrusting mini pulsator
  • A great toy if you’re new to toys or pulsators
  • Fun Factory's smallest, lightest STRONIC
  • Extremely easy to use with a strong motor
  • 5 speeds and 3 rhythms
  • Thrusting
  • Memory Function & Travel Lock
  • USB rechargeable (with low battery warning)
  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof

How to use the Stronic Petite:

External stimulation: Lube it up and use STRONIC PETITE externally for rhythmic clit stroking, Stimulate the outer parts of the clit, caress the labia, or massage the vaginal opening with the tip of the toy.

Internal stimulation: During penetration, the inner elgs of the clitoris get stimulated automatically with each thrust. The structured surface of the silicone shaft reaches even deeoer layers and countless additional nerve endings.

Combine external and internal: Combine the hands-free thrusting of the pulsater with external stimulation of your clit – either with your hands or a toy. Enjoy an even deeper, fuller orgasm – inside and out!

How to care for the Stronic Petite:

Clean this toy after every use with anti-bacterial soap and a damp cloth, or your favourite toy cleaner. Ensure fully dry and store in a cool, dark, dry place such as a toy bag.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Colour: Lilac
  • Battery type : USB rechargeable
  • Total length: 7 inch (17.78 cm)
  • Insertable length: 4 inch (10.16 cm)
  • Circumference: 4.25 inch (10.79 cm)

About Brand

German based sex toy brand Fun Factory have been creating high quality and exceptionally well renowned sex toys for over 20 years. Fun Factory stand for free, playful, and passionate sexuality – for every sex, gender, and orientation.

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