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Nood Masturbator - Vaginal Ecstasy

ByNood By Share Satisfaction. SKU: 260907
Nood Masturbator - Vaginal EcstasyNood Masturbator - Vaginal EcstasyNood Masturbator - Vaginal EcstasyNood Masturbator - Vaginal Ecstasy
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You haven't experienced pleasure like this before…

Introducing Nood, by Share Satisfaction. Nood brings pleasure back to the basics. Full transparency is Nood's specialty and you can see exaclty what you're in store for with this range of sex toys; pure erotic glee!

The Nood Masturbator series offers unparalleled, realistic bliss in the form of a handheld sex toy. Made of squishy, soft touch TPE, this stroker feels gorgeous in hand and has a outer rib-like design to make holding this toy extra-comfortable. The malleable TPE material allows for unprecedented levels of stimulation, with a firm yet quick hand clamp-down completely changing the sensations experienced during the heat of self-pleasure passion. And with a lifelike vaginal-styled entry point, you'll love this toy even more while playing. Masturbation has never been this good until now!

The inner shaft has a stretchy nature, accommodating most sizes of penis. Within the opening, multiple texture nubs lie along the inner-surface. Experience pure invigoration as lust builds with each inch ventured. The base has an open suction hole, which lets you pick for a more grippy, suction-based experience, or this can be left alone for the smoothest glide imaginable. You'll feel at one with Kama Sutra with this sex toy, and hey, what more could you want in such a small pleasure package.

This masturbation toy is perfect for every level of pleasure seeker, from beginner to expert. The body-safe material means you can play with confidence, and enjoy stimulation to the fullest extent.

Key Features of the Nood Vaginal Masturbator:

  • Lifelike design details
  • Vaginal shaped opening
  • Squishy TPE material - variable stimulation experience
  • Intensely lined inner shaft
  • Manufactured by Share Satisfaction - quality you can assure
  • Suction air vent back - adjust grip while playing
  • Ribbed, handheld design for super comfortable, extended play

How to Use the Nood Vaginal Masturbator:

To use this toy, grab your preferred water-based lubricant and apply it to the inner surface of the masturbator, as well as the penis itself. Once lubricated, insert the penis into the entry point of this sex toy; avoid inserting through the suction hole as this could damage the sex toy, as well as your own inmate areas. When inside, the Nood Masturbator can be moved back and forth to emulate intercourse.

The suction hole located on the end is usable to adjust the suction grip/pressure on the penis, making for a looser or tighter experience depending on preference. The TPE material can be squeezed either gently, or firmly to make stimulation even more intense. However you enjoy playing, this toy can match your preferences and will easily bring you to an unforgettable climax.

How to Care for the Nood Vaginal Masturbator:

Caring for this sex toy is super easy and should be performed immediately after play.

When done with the Nood Masturbator, we recommend that you clean this toy with warm water, and sex toy cleaner. Antibacterial soap can be used instead of toy cleaner, if you do not have any handy.

Soak the toy in the water/cleaner solution, and wash the inside as well as outside. Ensure each area is thoroughly cleansed to increase the longevity of this sex toy and to keep it fit for use. Once finished cleaning this item, it can be dried with a clean towel. Doing so ensures that the toy can be properly and completely dried. Once dry, store in a cool, dark and dry place for future use, preferably in a toy bag for the most luxe and safe toy storage experience.

Product Specifications of the Nood Vaginal Masturbator:

  • Length: 5.7 Inch (14.7cm)
  • Width: 3.14 Inch (8cm)
  • Hand Grip Width: 2.5 Inch (6.5cm)
  • Material: Body-safe TPE

About the Brand:

Nood by Share Satisfaction is New Zealand's hottest sex toy brand. Nood specialises in all things pleasure and sexual wellness, offering a variety of masturbation strokers and dildos for those who see themselves as connoisseur pleasure seekers. Whatever your fantasies, Nood by Share Satisfaction will satisfy your cravings, available now at Adulttoymegastore.

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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
31st May 2023
rating 4.0
Verified Purchaser
Everything was packed really well the first time, the 2nd time some of the boxes arrived damaged but the products themeseleves were safe. Shipped quickly, discreetly & arrived shockingly fast even coming overseas. Prices are better than the shops near me.
16th May 2023
rating 4.0
Verified Purchaser
Quick shipping on my items, however I could not track my order. Even after the items were delivered, the update only said “ Invalid parameter(s), No data found for this Tracking Reference.” Would be nice if the tracking issue could be addressed. Still shows my items are enroute even though they are already delivered.
12th May 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Great quality product and confidentiality. I got my money's worth.
12th May 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
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