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Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2
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Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2

BySatisfyer. SKU: 204270
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Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 Climax Tips
Buy the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 today and change your sex life forever! The Pro 2 is an absolute must own sex toy!

If this is an adult toy you don't yet own, then be sure to buy the Pro 2 and add it to your sex toy collection today! We absolutely guarantee you will LOVE this sex toy.

While the Satisfyer Pro 2 only arrived in the market a few years ago, it has become the worlds number one selling adult toy.

Over 5 million people have decided to buy the Satisfyer Pro 2, resulting in it also become the most reviewed sex toy globally with over 500,000 reviews. Amazingly, 90% of the reviews are 5 stars, making this sex toy one of the best rated in the world.

Owning this sex toy means that you too can experience an orgasm whenever and where ever you want! Most customers who have reviewed this product state that while using the Satisfyer Pro 2 they can come in less that 30 seconds.

At Adulttoymegastore we know it can be hard to know if all of the hype about a sex toy like the Pro 2 is real! You will not believe how good the Satisfyer Pro 2 is until you buy the Pro 2 and try this sex toy for yourself!

Why should I buy Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2? Simply because for the cost of around a weeks worth of coffee this sensational sex toy is guaranteed to change your sex like for ever.

The Pro 2 is suitable for solo play and use during intercourse to ensure that clitoris owners too can reach peak pleasure. Vulva owner orgasms often don't come from intercourse alone. Fewer than 1 in 5 women say they can climax from vaginal intercourse alone. Most vulva owners want or need some sort of stimulation on their clitoris to reach orgasm. The Satisfyer Pro 2 will arrive fully charged and ready to balance the orgasm gap.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 is completely waterproof, so don't worry if you get a little too wet or even squirt like so many reviews state have happened when they use this sex toy. The waterproof feature of the Pro 2 allows for the product to be submerged in water, so the Satisfyer Pro 2 is an incredible sex toy to use in the shower, bath, spa, or pool.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the sex toy that has taken the world by storm, out selling all competing adult toys. It has been described as “the best sex toy ever” and “a truly revolutionary adult toy.” The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 is Adulttoymegastore’s best reviewed and bestselling product.

With the amazing feedback from those who have chosen to buy Satisfyer Pro 2 around the world about the explosive orgasms people are having, it’s no wonder this is the sex toy everybody is talking about.

With the Pro 2's innovative pressure wave stimulation this sex toy is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Be ready! Those incredibly powerful orgasms might knock you off your feet.

So, what's the difference between the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3? The new model Pro 2 is stronger and quieter. The soft silicone head of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 is wider, bigger and softer to fit every clitoris and to make it easier to hit the spot. This makes it easier for you to reach climax using the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Why should you buy Satisfyer Pro 2? Because this sensational sex toy will change your sex like forever. The Pro 2 is suitable for solo play our use it during intercourse to ensure that you too get to reach peak pleasure.

The Satisfyer Pro 2, with its soft curves and rose gold casing, is sexy, stylish and discrete. Accidentally left out on your beside table? Luckily Pro 2 does not look like the number one selling sex toy!

Weighing just 248 grams the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a lightweight best friend – you won’t be able to part with it once you’ve tried it.

If you are looking to buy a vibrator and you do not yet own a Satisfyer Pro 2, be sure to buy the Pro 2 today. You can not make a better purchase than the Pro 2 - add it to your sex toy collection today. Don’t just trust us, be sure to check out the over 2,500 reviews from the customers who have decided to buy the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The press can’t stop raving about this incredible sex toy.

Cosmopolitan magazine has said the Pro 2 is more intense than oral sex.
Glamour magazine has said The Satisfyer Pro 2 will bring you to orgasm in record time.
Shape magazine has said it’s the sex toy that will change your sex life.

Author Clementine Ford included the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 in her Top 5 Favourite Sex Toys list saying: "This Sex toy is MAJESTICAL. It’s a clitoral stimulator that acts slightly differently to a vibrator, using pulses rather than vibration to drag intense and powerful orgasms out of even the most reluctant clitoral outposts. I consider myself to be an expert at self-pleasure, but this was next level."

Columnist Emily Writes honoured the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 in a tribute in The Spinoff: “I had an orgasm in seconds. Literally seconds. Figuring it was a fluke, I tried again the next day in the shower. NOT A FLUKE. I almost broke my damn leg falling over. I felt like I was in someone else’s body. It was so incredible I immediately messaged all my girlfriends and told them about it.”

Whilst the Pro 2 is an intuitive sex toy, we’ve included a How To Use The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 guide on our website as well, to ensure everyone enjoys this wonderful toy. Adulttoymegastore is proud to be the home of the Satisfyer in New Zealand. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Pro 2 right now! You deserve it.

Want to know more about the Satisfyer Pro 2? Watch the video below where our sex educator, Emma Hewitt, will tell you everything you need to know about the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 and more!

Take a look at the classic rose gold Pro 2 or the pale blue Pro 2 available from Adulttoymegastore.

Key Features of the Satisfyer Pro 2:

  • Whisper quiet functionality
  • Body-friendly silicone
  • 11 programs
  • Waterproof for even more fun underwater
  • Pressure wave and touch-free clitoral stimulation
  • Magnetic USB charging cable included
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Easy to clean

How to Use the Satisfyer Pro 2:

Just position the nozzle around your clitoris and chose from 11 levels of earth-shattering stimulation. It’s quiet as a mouse when it’s in the right place and the body friendly silicone is easy to clean as well as feeling just right.

How to Care for the Satisfyer Pro 2:

To care for the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2, once you have finished with the toy, conduct a thorough wash with warm, soapy water and/or your favourite toy cleaner. Ensure the silicone nozzle is thoroughly cleaned and dried after use too. Once done and the Satisfyer is fully dry, store in a cool, dark and dry place (preferably in a toy bag), for the next use.

Product Specifications of the Satisfyer Pro 2:

  • Length: 6.5 Inch (16.5cm)
  • Nozzle Width: 1.8 Inch (4.6cm)
  • Colour: Rose Gold
  • Battery Type: USB Rechargeable

About the Brand Satisfyer:

The Satisfyer Pro 2 launched Satisfyer to being the world's number one sex toy brand. Designed in Germany, the range of Satisfyer toys are engineered with excellence and made from body-safe materials. The award-winning range of Satisfyer sex toys are sure to please when it comes to pleasuring yourself, a lover or both together! With masturbators, clitoral stimulators, kegel balls, and couple's vibes Satisfyer has a large range of adult toys with something to tickle everybody's fancy.
Product details
Batteries: USB x 1
Material: Silicone is smooth, non-porous and body-safe. Learn more
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Customer Reviews

Holly - 17 Sep, 2023
Verified purchaser
I brought this product in January this year and in August it just up and died on me. I was so disappointed to only have it last this long. This is my second one ive purchased and the same thing happened with my other one.

I would recommend this product to others because this product is the most amazing clitoral suction toy I've ever used.

The benefits of this product are: it has many settings to suit what you need, whether you want it lightly sucking, pulse sucking or sucking your soul out of your body!

On the highest setting it honestly sucks your soul out of your body and gives you an amazing orgasm leaving you a hot wet mess and makes your clit swollen. Using this during foreplay before sex makes for some amazing sex or using it during sex is amazing also 🥵🥵

The drawbacks of this product are that this can cause your clit to be a bit over sensitized if you use it a lot and can struggle to get off using your fingers other toys or from your partners fingers. This won't happen to everyone. It did happen to me for awhile and I have had friends with the same product that had this issue.
My wife is a hard one to get going I use this on her and it works every time..
Noel - 13 Feb, 2024
Verified purchaser
This is the best thing I found for our relationship I use it on the wife and we are over 60 and she has the most violent orgasm without injuring our frail bodies or the hard work to reach climax, I cannot recommend it enough, it is handy to use easy to clean compact and makes very little noise and saves me a lot of work getting her there. I would buy another and recommend it to anyone
👌 this was recommended to me by many woman..
Single Brown Female - 18 Mar, 2024
Verified purchaser
This was recommended to me by many women. And wowwwweeee it did not disappoint! Every girl needs one.
The benefits of this product are total orgasm. The drawbacks of this product are recharging - haha no there are none. This product stood out from the rest because it is highly recommended. The material and packaging of this product are irrelevant. What's inside matters most. But comes nicely packaged. I would recommend this product to others because it is a show finisher 🤣😍
😍💦 this is my ride or die. Better than any 👅 Or 🍆..
Jess. - 11 Mar, 2024
Verified purchaser
I keep this baby on charge. Just remember that she’s like getting back on a bike. Take it slow at first. Be cautious about anything over level 5 they’re not for the faint hearted. If you are new to clit toys it can feel a bit weird at first. The drawback is that it can be a disappointment if you forget to charge her. But thats much like a man anyway. Do it I know you want to. 😉 this one is the provider of many screams and orgasms. Love this baby so much she is packed every time. Yes I call her a woman because no man has made me feel like she does
Best Toy I Own.
scaz - 5 Jan, 2024
Verified purchaser
This toy is so good and honestly such a steal price-wise considering how expensive comparable toys are (e.g. the womaniser). I recommend this to every woman I know. I don't have a very sensitive clit so fingers and most toys don't quite do it for me but this one does it and more. this adult toy has truly exceeded my expectations, delivering unparalleled satisfaction and elevating my intimate experiences to new heights. Its innovative design, coupled with powerful performance, has brought endless pleasure into my life. The premium materials and craftsmanship ensure not only durability but also a luxurious touch that enhances the overall sensory experience. I appreciate the discreet packaging and user-friendly controls, making it an absolute joy to use. This product has become an essential part of my self-care routine, providing immense pleasure and fostering a deeper connection with my body. I wholeheartedly recommend this adult toy for anyone seeking a blissful journey into pleasure and intimacy. The only real downfall for me is that it isn't easy to use with a partner.
🥵🥵🥵🥵came in seconds.
Han - 10 Oct, 2023
Nonverified purchaser
This is amazing. Had my first orgasim using this and I've tried many toys to try get myself to cum. And this is the one highly recommended
Favourite toy ever 😍💦🥵.
Mez - 2 May, 2024
Verified purchaser
Literally my favourite sex toy I've had the pleasure of experiencing!! 💕 Heaps of different suction levels. Starts as a gentle motion and you can cycle through the different levels with ease. The highest level is so intense! I've only managed to be able to stand the max level a couple of times and I swear I saw God! I've never orgasmed as intensely solely by myself or with a partner without this toy.
I recommend this toy to literally everyone, for women, and for partners to gift them.
Mine stopped working after about five years, and I've just very quickly bought as a replacement cos I don't think I could live without it.
Super affordable for how amazing it is, especially with the current discount.
Massive massive plus is you can use it in the shower and bath 😀
You can buy seperate attachments for the Satisfyer depending on your clitoris size, but I never needed to as it still feels amazing with the original attachment.
Lives up to the hype!.
AJ - 14 Nov, 2023
Verified purchaser
I've read so many reviews of this and they all rave about it so I was already contemplating buying one - I am a trans man and before I went on testosterone several of my trans male friends recommended that I buy a Satisfyer and they were absolutely right. This thing is powerful! It's been about half a year and it has been absolutely worth it. It's reasonably quiet, the range in modes is good, it's super easy to use and clean and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting it!
Em - 19 Oct, 2023
Verified purchaser
The only toy that makes me cum (so far)
Lulex - 10 Jul, 2024
Verified purchaser
Gf loves this one gets her off easy as

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17th July 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Excellent shopping experience, great info on the items I was interested in, rapid and discreet shipping. 10/10 - will shop here again for sure. Thanks!
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Great communication and delivery. Thanks guys!
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17th July 2024
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