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A Guide to Arousal Gels & Oils for Women (Best Orgasm Gels)

By Kacey Willers 3 years ago. Posted in Sex Toy Guides
A Guide to the Best Arousal Gels & Oils for Vulva Owners

Introducing Arousal Gels for Women

It's not uncommon for vulva owners to find it difficult to orgasm through sex or oral sex. Sometimes we just can't seem to arrive at Orgasm-ville no matter what we do, and that's ok! But there are other tools and methods that can be tried to help you reach orgasm, including arousal gels and oils.

Also commonly referred to as clitoral stimulation gels, orgasm gels, female arousal products or even liquid vibrators, arousal gels and oils are designed to increase both sensitivity and arousal to the clitoris, which can help to reach the big 'O'.

This guide to arousal products covers everything you need to know about these 'liquid vibrators', including what arousal gels are, how to use them, what to expect, and the best arosal products to help you get in the mood and reach orgasm more easily!

Editor's note: This article was updated on 10 September 2021.

What are Arousal Gels?

For sexual enhancement, arousal gels can do the trick for many women as they are able to help women get in the mood and feel sensations of pleasure unlike ever before! Arousal gels help the clitoris to get nice and sensitive so every touch helps to stimulate pleasure.

Arousal gels are different to lubricant. They are used for stimulation, as opposed to lubrication. Watch the video below where sex educator Emma Hewitt will tell you everything you need to know about arousal products!

How do you use arousal gels and oils?

Arousal gels and oils are designed to be rubbed on the top, around the sides and underneath the hood of the clitoris. The gel then stimulates sensitivity and creates a gentle warming/cooling tingling sensation, increasing female pleasure during intimacy.

Depending on the arousal gel, some may recommend using it internally as well to increase sensitivity of the g-spot for stronger sensations. Most arousal gels have super smooth, silk-like textures, which feel incredibly sexy on. They glide on effortlessly and leave women feeling amazing! You will usually only need about a pea-size drop to get the job done.

Here's what to expect from arousal gels:

  • Improves tissue sensitivity for elevated sexual desires
  • Increases sexual desires by warming the skin
  • Relaxes the body and improves sensitivity for increased sexual desire


What are the best arousal gels and oils?

Intrigued by the idea of trying an orgams gel but don't know where to start? We feel you. Here are some of our favourite arousal gels and oils to try for yourself.

Wet Wow Clitoral Arousal Gel Max O

The Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel is an affordable clitoral stimulating gel that is designed for more intense orgasms by creating sensual waves of warming, cooling or tingling sensations. Just a few drops massaged onto the clitoris during foreplay and the special formula is designed to bring sensual waves of warming, cooling or tingling feelings that can increase the sensitivity of her intimate areas for more intense pleasure. Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel 10 mlDurex Intense Orgasmic Gel 10 Ml$17.95Shop Now

Sensuva natural arousal balm and gel

Sensuva arousal balm is designed to help a woman's body respond more easily to physical stimulation and give her the type of full-body awareness that raises her arousal level. Made from a botanical formula (natural ingredients), it's menthol-free, and warm and unique buzzing sensations are created when the balm is applied to the clitoris. The powerful sensations will awaken your nerve endings and increase blood flow, providing you with sensations never experienced before!

Another great benefit of this balm is that it may actually help some women increase their production of personal lubricant. This may be helpful for women who are going through hormonal changes, taking medication which is affecting the body to self-lubricate, or women who commonly experience vaginal dryness. Other benefits of this arousal balm is that it is safe to use during oral sex and to wear during the day if you enjoy feeling turned on throughout the day. Sensuva ON Arousel Balm for HerSensuva On Arousel Balm For Her$34.95Shop NowSensuva ON Arousel Gel for Her OriginalSensuva On Arousel Gel For Her Original$70.95Shop Now

System Jo Clitoral Stimulant

Clitoral stimulant by System Jo is line of arousal oil that has been designed to assist the pleasure of more sensitive women. It's water-based, paraben and l’arginine free, and provides a warm and buzzy feeling. This clitoral stimulation gel provides a different sensation than other arousal gels/oils as instead of creating a warming/cooling sensation, this creates an electric tingle that is a pleasently unique feeling.

Also referred to as a "liquid vibrator", this arousal gel is sure to give you a gratifying experience. Just apply one drop and get ready to be electrified and stimulated straight towards O-ville! System JO Clitoral Stimulant Warming Warm  Buzzy Original 10 mlSystem Jo Clitoral Stimulant Warming Warm & Buzzy Original 10 Ml$15.95Shop Now

Swiss Navy arousal lubricant

Swiss Navy's sensual arousal lubricant is a unique water-based formula that has the ability to enhance and stimulate both partners. It draws the blood flow tot he surface to create an amazing experience for both partners, genders, and multiple sexual orientations - whatever your fancy, this arousal gel will tickle it! Swiss Navy Sensual Arousal Gel  60mlSwiss Navy Sensual Arousal Gel - 60ml$15.95Shop Now

G, How I Adore You

Unlike the previous arousal gels, this gel is designed to be used on the G-spot. G, How I adore you is designed to help women experience G-spot orgasms, as for a lot of women it can be a real struggle! This product has more L-Arginine than other products on the market, which will help dilate the blood vessels and dramatically increase blood flow to the area. It also includes menthol to help awaken the nerve endings and bring blood to the surface. These ingredients work to make the G-spot become more pronounced and accessible so it is easier to be located and is more sensitive, which will help trigger a g-spot orgasm.

This product is not meant to create strong sensations like other arousal gels, it's designed to simply encourage stimulation in the g-spot, to help women enjoy penetration more and help them experience stronger orgasms. Made from completely natural and healthy ingredients the G, How I adore you is one you don't want to miss! Sensuva G How I Adore You GSpot Stimulant Cream 50 mlSensuva G How I Adore You G-spot Stimulant Cream 50 Ml$59.95Shop NowON LibidoOn Libido$27.95Shop Now

Is it time to try an Arousal Gel?

If you're looking to increase your sexual desire and have better orgasms, you should be adding an arousal gel to your cart right now!

Safety tip for arousal products:

Before you go ahead and use any arousal gel make sure you check the ingredients on the back to see if there is anything that you may be allergic to. As these do go on our erogenous zones you want to make sure it is 100% safe for your body.

If the gel begins to burn once it has been applied, quickly wash it off and we don't recommend trying it again. Also remember that you don't just have to use arousal gels with a partner, you can also use it with a vibrator or even just on your own.

Do you want a vibrator with that?

Arousal gels and oils team perfectly with clitoral stimulators – read this article: These 9 clitoral stimulation toys will knock your socks off!

Explore Adulttoymegastore’s full range of suction vibrators and take one home today! You can thank us later…

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Editor’s note:

This article was originally published on 29 March 2018 and was updated on 10 September 2021 for relevance and comprehensiveness. The information in this article has been fact checked and reviewed for accuracy by Adulttoymegastore’s team of content specialists and sexual wellness experts, including Sex Educator Emma Hewitt.

Content disclaimer:

Adulttoymegastore does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment for illness. Any information published on this website, either by Adulttoymegastore or its authors, is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a medical professional.

Kacey Willers
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