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How to seduce the star signs

How to seduce the star signs

Need a few tips from the stars to woo your latest crush? Tika Tatyana is ready to lay out the blueprint for each star sign’s turn-ons and the paths to their heart.

In a time of swiping right, reacting with a fire emoji on someone’s Instagram story, and sometimes spending months casually flirting online, many would think that the art of seduction has been lost.

In a way, we have become shyer and less likely to show our true feelings at first. We need depth to build connections with people!

And what about those who have been in a relationship for a long time? There are so many distractions, stresses and obstacles of daily life that stop us from romantically connecting with our loved ones.

In a demanding world, we deserve to feel loved, desired and completely whisked off our feet! It’s time to worship and adore our love interests the way they want to be worshipped and adored.

Detailed below are some tips, hot takes, and advice for how to seduce each zodiac sign.

I highly recommend looking at your love interest’s full birth chart so you can see which sign their Venus is in. It’s the planet of love and values!

Looking at the Venus sign should be the most accurate representation of how they like to receive love.

Click here to find out your love interest's birth chart.

If you just have their Sun sign, go ahead and check below, it is still very likely to line up.



Aries are both the warriors and babies of the zodiac, so if you want a rollercoaster that is what you will get!

This means they are fighters on the outside but deep down they really just want someone to nurture and look after them. This gives them a fiery edge in public but a much cuter disposition when you are one on one.

Aries want someone clear with their intentions whilst also remaining a little bit distant. That means you can outrageously flirt with them in person then leave them on read for a couple of hours and they will be obsessed immediately. Please proceed with caution as you do not want to anger this sign!

The less toxic advice I would give to those aiming to seduce an Aries is to get them talking about what they are passionate about. They want to hear about your hobbies and interests too. Anything that gets you excited makes them immediately perk up and feel connected. There is also a very high chance they will be in a phase and completely obsessed with one thing so give them time to talk about that.

This sign, if comfortable with you, might also like some touching here and there to show you are interested. Holding a hand, brushing away hair from their eyes, and a nice long hug. This will tease them for the main event where they will want much more aggression 😉

Date idea: Take them somewhere competitive! Think TimeZone, bumper cars, archery anywhere you can be physical and let some steam off. Just, don’t be surprised if they take the games way too seriously!



Taureans are pleasure seekers moving at their own pace. If you want the best cuddles of your life look no further!

They are willing to give it all to you as long as you let them warm up to you in their own time. This means that they will notice how you treat them from the beginning and if that negatively changes over time prepare for them to retreat.

As they like to feel like they are making the right decision, being too cocky or forward could be a turn-off for them if they don’t know you well. They need to feel drawn to you like a magnet. As the planet, Venus rules Taurus make sure to prioritize smelling good and showing your true style through your fashion choices.

This sign wants to feel comfortable at all times! To make sure of that, always have snacks and something warm and comfy on standby. Setting the scene is super important to them so never underestimate a cosy bedroom.

This sign, when comfortable, loves to be touched for extended periods. Once you know the date or hangout is going well you can always offer to give them a shoulder massage. The R-rated version of this is going down on them for a looong time. There is a high chance they could fall for you right then and there!

Date idea: Take them to a couples cooking class or an evening cocktail course. Making something delicious together is an amazing bonding experience and a chance to learn something new. They will always be much happier on a full stomach :)



Gemini are the witty messengers always down for a good time! If you never want a dull moment, get flirting with one ASAP.

This sign always has a few love interests on the go, so standing out is essential. They love someone different and confident in themselves - so don’t be shy about your weird ideas and opinions.

The key to a Gemini’s heart is through the mind. If they don’t have an intellectual connection with you they might not be as inclined to see you again. And that doesn’t mean showing off how smart you are. It means discussing big ideas and connecting to their goals and view of life.

Talking about your favourite movies and books is a great way to start that spark of conversation. So far, it may seem like they are a bit nerdy. But guess what? They are one of the most flirtatious and sexual signs!

Once comfortable, they are usually quite down for direct and explicit communication. Talking about what you would like to do to them and vice versa is a massive turn-on for all involved. Just remember, for a sign that rules the lips, sealing it in a kiss might be the best way to get them yearning for more.

Date idea: Start watching a television series together or go out to watch a play or movie! Don’t be surprised if they want an hour after to discuss exactly what they liked or didn’t like.



Cancerians are the nurturers, capable of giving world-changing love! This is who you should go for if you want a deep, connected relationship.

This means often they might have a more traditional view of relationships and like to be wooed accordingly. Someone being open and romantic towards them will allow them to come out of their shell.

Seducing a Cancerian involves being able to have that fun banter but also being able to show your vulnerable side. They will notice the times you open up about family or moments of meaning in your life.

If you want to get to know them better, hang out for the day and help them do some errands. It sounds super basic but they like to see how someone treats them on a regular day. They also really appreciate it when someone spends time and helps them with something that would usually be boring on its own.

Cancerians want a best friend so being too sexually forward at the beginning could be a turn-off. Allow your presence to be known and never underestimate the power of a forehead kiss. Sweet and intimate, but actually very powerful and will be on their mind for days!

Date idea: As they are ruled by the moon, go stargazing on a clear night or on a trip to the planetarium. They will feel so special!



Leo’s are the show-stoppers and little stars of the zodiac, ready to light up as soon as they feel loved and special!

This means going all in from the beginning is not a problem, in fact, it is a bit of a necessity. What some people don’t know about Leo’s is they often have trust issues so showing how much you like them will break down those barriers.

Whilst some signs could be uncomfortable with someone complimenting them from the beginning, Leo’s love it! Notice something unique and beautiful about their appearance and tell them. Observe their strengths and let them know about it!

Being connected to the Sun means that they are connected to the ego and success. If you want to be their best partner, uplifting and encouraging them will be the fastest way to their heart. How to do this at the start of your connection? Brag about them in front of your friends and show them off at any opportunity.

Once you get to the bedroom, there is a very high chance Leo’s will have no qualms with being forward. They bounce off whatever the other person brings, so big, bold energy is a MUST. Be sure to read the room though, they also love someone that lets them lead.

Date Idea: Do something creative! Go to a wine and paint night or a salsa dance lesson. Adding the fun is super important to ignite that spark!



Virgo's are so down-to-earth and generous that they need someone practically perfect in every way! Or so they think.

This sign is not the type to settle for anyone, this means that they like to see through action and time that you are the one for them. If you are here to hit it and quit it, be aware that this may not be the person for you.

But no one can be perfect and Virgo’s are actually very stressed trying to be that all the time. This sign needs to feel free so allowing them to feel that with you is the key. Be on time, show up when they need you and notice the little things.

You can pick up their favourite snack, a knick-knack they spoke to you about earlier, or play that song they mentioned in the car. It’s quite simple things that make them feel appreciated. Being too loud and public about them might scare them off so building that foundation together is essential.

Let’s just put this out there, if a Virgo wants you sexually, they will create scenarios so it can happen. They aren’t the biggest fans of PDA so sticking to touching in private at the beginning would be my recommendation.

Date Idea: Take them somewhere outside and beautiful! They rejuvenate in nature so going for a bush walk or a picnic in the park will let them loosen up.



Librans bring beauty and balance to our world! If you want a sweetheart in need of a bit of encouragement it’s time to get that charm on.

This sign is known for its indecisiveness so that means they will greatly appreciate someone who can make decisions easily. Much like Leo, they also want to feel completely adored. So what may seem like a grand gesture to someone else, might just be a Librans’ usual treatment.

Even though everyone else may view them as a head-turner, they often will not necessarily feel that in themselves. So making sure to compliment them often will make them feel wanted but also more secure showing their affection towards you. If they like you of course!

Now, this sign is also known for playing the field so whilst they might make you feel special they kind of do that with everyone. Harsh but true! This means that you should adopt a give-and-take method. If you feel you are giving too much just hold back a little and let them come to you. After all, Libra is all about balance.

I would suggest that bringing a gift with your top-tier flirtiest banter will be the thing that will set you apart on a date. When it comes to affection, don’t be afraid to initiate, but start cute. Tucking a strand of hair behind their ear will tug at their heartstrings instantly!

Date Idea: Take them somewhere sophisticated! Try out an art gallery or a new wine bar. They will like you taking the reins and appreciate your eye for great taste.



The intensity and authenticity that Scorpios bring to dating means entrancing this sign is not for the faint-hearted!

They are not known for taking relationships lightly, so to fully commit to a Scorpio means passing a lot of invisible tests. Sounds scary? It is. But first, to get your foot in the door, it is very important to be real from the get-go. They will see through any masks!

Due to Scorpio coming across as unreachable or hard to get, they will respect someone direct in their intentions. The only difference between them and Leo is that they don’t need the fluff and the dramatics. They want to get to know the real you right away.

This is the sign of transformation and secrets so revealing something personal about yourself will prove to them your interest in them isn’t for the wrong reasons. Did I mention they may have trust issues or trouble opening up? Because of these walls Scorpio has, being the person who is there for them, honest, and unguarded will mean a lot.

Eye contact is the key with this sign, so don’t be afraid to look where you want to kiss them. They are really good at reading people so put a lot of meaning into a look and they will know exactly what you are getting at.

Date Idea: Get that adrenaline pumping! Take them to a haunted house, it will be exciting and will give them no choice but to express their emotions and get them out of their comfort zone.



The free-spirited and vivacious energy that Sagittarians bring into any room is contagious. Get ready for a wild ride!

People with this sign are often seen as the Casanova of the zodiac. This means that flirting or seducing them isn’t necessarily difficult they might be the ones in charge all along. The struggle is getting them to stay interested and to see that what you offer is rare and worth sticking around for.

Sagittarians never want to feel trapped so exhibiting your wilder or goofy side is a must! That could mean going on a spontaneous road trip or going to open house viewings pretending to be wealthy foreigners. Getting that adrenaline pumping and being able to be silly will show a Sagittarius that you like to live life to the fullest!

Whilst they are known as explorers travelling to faraway places, they are also seekers of knowledge. Discussing topics like philosophy, spirituality or the world as we know it will ensure they respect your intelligence and mind. So don’t be afraid to ask them the bigger questions.

For many Sagittarians, getting physical with you at the start will not scare them. If they are down, then they are DOWN. Just make sure to not exhibit too much clinginess after the act. They still want to feel like there is something new and fun to pursue with you.

Date Idea: Let them see your enthusiasm! Have some drinks and go to a karaoke bar or stand-up comedy. Even if there is some terrible singing or jokes, they will appreciate your eagerness to entertain.



The calm and put-together sign of Capricorn brings a much-needed maturity to the zodiac when it comes to seduction. If you want someone to build an empire with - these are the ones!

This sign is known for being grounded and ambitious. This means that when it comes to dating they aren’t going to hang out with someone who isn’t worth it. At the start, they might not communicate their feelings, so go off how much they want to spend time with you as an indication of how much they like you. Don’t be surprised at the start if they use humour to deflect and keep their cards close to their chest

But first, to impress and get a Capricorn interested you have to excite them. And what will awaken their interest in somebody? It’s all about a unique skill or talent. If you are an incredible guitarist, find a way to show them. If you swim as fast as a dolphin, take them to the pool. Make them feel included in what stimulates you to try and succeed!

As people with this placement have practicality surrounding relationships, it is definitely in your best interests to be open and honest about what kind of relationship you are after. They will respect you more and value your upfront mentality to go after what you want.

The more time spent with this sign the more time they will feel comfortable with you. Physically, they are more likely to want to keep affection in the bedroom or for appropriate moments. Pull them in for a sensual kiss during a private moment!

Date Idea: It is time to try something new together! Suggesting a pottery class where you can use your hands and get creative is a fantastic option. They will love the challenge :)



Once you have caught the attention of the elusive Aquarius, be prepared for a tumultuous yet extremely captivating time of your life!

As they are known as quirky, out-of-the-box thinkers, seducing this sign can be a game of hot and cold. Playing it cool is a must and something they will certainly be doing at the start. At first, forget to show true commitment and focus more on getting to know their brilliant mind.

Appeal to their humour and creative imagination by asking them the weirdest questions under the sun. Get that conversation and banter flowing! Make sure to flirt with nuance and use of the eyes. Once you feel a spark, leave them alone to ponder the amazing time you just had. With this sign, it is about the dance of attention. Make it clear you are interested, but being clingy or needy will give them a major ick.

Despite this sign having avoidant tendencies, the reality is that they love to be number one. They just like to test the waters and see if there is something authentic before making it real. I would suggest giving meaningful compliments - they may not show it but it actually means a lot.

Aquarius placements may take quite a casual and forward approach to sex. For them, it is all about fun and connection. Taking the time to get to know their body and bringing a sense of play to the bedroom will allow them to feel respected and liberated.

Date Idea: It is time to do something different! Have a picnic at a cemetery, find abandoned historical buildings and have a look inside, or visit an aquarium under the influence. 😉



Pisces' dreamy and generous qualities make them the ultimate partner who will support you no matter what!

This sign yearns for deep understanding and love from their partners. This means that their hopeless romantic side can take over and leave them with a rose-tinted version of you. Great news! If they like you enough they will do the work in their head to make you seem even better than you are. Be aware though they are like this with everyone.

Living in their fantastical cinematic universe means that anyone entering needs to make sure they add to the plot. Be in the moment and impulsive with showing your interest and affection. They want to feel like the connection is flowing and have a sense of newness at all times. It can mean they are a bit chaotic, so be prepared for that.

People with strong Pisces placements can have quite a fragile heart. So do not be surprised if they get emotional from the beginning if you accidentally hurt their feelings. Treat them with care and empathy - they will be captivated by your willingness to see them.

In the bedroom, this sign loves to please so make sure to let them know what you like. The more they feel you are enjoying yourself the more of a kick they will get. Who doesn’t love someone ready to go above and beyond?

Date Idea: Bless their ears! This sign loves music so take them to a local gig or concert to set the tone of how fun it is dating you.

Illustrations by Aimée Sullivan. Follow her on Instagram: @aimeeisokay

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