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Orin's review of Minimulti wanachi 9 function multispeed massager pink

Content Producer
Powerful and reasonably quiet. We ran into some issues, but may be perfect for others.
A Work in Progress

After hearing about how good normal sized body massagers were for women, I thought I'd get this body massager to use with my partner.

body massager 3

My partner has had very limited experience with any vibrators, so after she expressed some excitement to try one, this toy was a good opportunity to introduce the use of a vibrator during sex.

With the plan to eventually mix the use of a vibrator with some restraints (probably these!), we thought it would be a good idea for me to have most control of the toy.

body massager 8 Expalliarmus!

Therefore, this review is mostly from the point of view of me using the vibrator on my partner but will still reflect her thoughts as well!

Using a vibrator during sex is awesome for many reasons. When doing anything that involves clitoral stimulation, you’re usually involving your fingers. This of course feels great, but sometimes it can be difficult to either keep a consistent rhythm and motion for a long period, even when you're hitting all the right spots, it may not be enough to get her off.

First off what's great about this toy is its design, it's easy to hold and looks awesome. For those who are a bit shy about someone knowing that you have a vibrator, this isn't something that's going to standout in your room. Even then, it technically is a body massager, so if anyone asks that's all you have to say.

body massager 6 "That's my body massager"

We jumped into this pretty quick and the first thing we noticed was the noise. It's nowhere near the loudest I've ever heard! But, it's the sort of noise that if someone was walking past your room they might hear a dull buzz. Our flats have thin walls, so everyone's heard everyone at this point, so nobody really cares. If you're concerned about vibrating noise, this is an okay option, especially for its price!

This body massager features 9 vibration modes and boy is it powerful! I only bumped the vibrating setting up three times before my partner said that was her limit. For us, the power was a bit too much. However, from what I've heard many women want the vintage washing machine experience and this massager easily provides in that sense!

During use we had to change the angles of our normal positions. Generally, the idea is to make enough space for the vibrator to fit between you to stimulate the clit and preferably having a hand free to keep control as your bodies move. This was easily achieved with this massager, because it was quite slim, not too much of an angle was needed to slip the massager between us.

This was where we ran into most of our problems with this vibrator, because of it's power, when it hit the right spots her body would writhe in pleasure. Although this felt great for her, it wasn't consistent and holding it in place became difficult. This was mostly when things got really intense, when bodies are writhing back n forth. If we were using it simply as a toy for clitoral stimulation whislt doing nothing else it worked great.

This of course becomes easier with practice. But we were thinking that maybe it would be worth looking for a different vibrator that might be easier to keep in place, or that curves to fit in place.

For the price I think this vibrator is an awesome deal! Considering cheaper vibrators usually are louder and not as powerful. Even though it hasn't been the best for us so far, when it has worked and we've mixed it with our favourite positions, it has worked really well. I have to admit that this massager made my partners body move in ways that I've only seen during orgasm, without her actually having an orgasm.

body massager 9 The Spiderman...

My partner has found great success when she's using this solo, although she's told me she still has to keep it a lower vibration setting. It's mostly just been when we've brough it into bed with us. I think both of our focus goes onto making the vibrator work and that can dent the intimacy of the experience sometimes. However, when it comes to sex, practice is pretty easy to find the motivation for.

Overall I would say this vibrator is perfect for anyone who prefers intense stimulation when masturbating. As use of a couples toy it is alright, with practice it can work even better, it seems the solo experience is beating the use as a couple at the moment. The price makes this massager well worth it! Yes we haven't had the best success so far, but it's left neither of us out of pocket, if it was worth more I would've rated this product lower.

body massager 5 Pen grip. Maybe the problem is the way I'm holding this damn thing.

Thanks for reading, hope this review is helpful for any aspiring couples or solo venturists alike!

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Orin rated this product:
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