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Orin's review of Ky jelly tube 2oz

Content Producer
5/5 stars. Water based lube is always a winner!
Be like water my friend

I can't recall a time where I've been disappointed with water based lube. All water based lube that I've used do their job great and this KY lubricant was no exception. When comparing water based lubes, there's always going to be subtle differences that make one a bit better or worse than the other, so if you're wondering what sets this one a small amount apart, here's why.

KY lubricant 4

When first dabbing some lube on my hand it was just like any other. I noticed a difference after I had applied it fully to other areas. The differrence was that there wasn't much of a substance left on my hand compared to others. Ideally you want to have something nearby to give your hands a quick cleanse or dry after applying lube but if you can't wait to dive in this lube is great. This only left a slight sort of silky feel on your hands, so it will still be fine to touch your partner without any odd feeling. The other thing I found was great, was if you need to touch a keyboard or touch pad or even grab a pair of headphones... Who knows why you'd want to do this but you might need to use a device after applying some lube.


smooth entry ensured!

The second difference upon appliance was that I actually didn't need as much lube as I thought. I squeezed the usual amount I would expect to use and things were already wet enough. This is a real positive in terms of value for money, as you want to get as many uses as possible out of your bottle. Considering this was only a 2oz bottle this was great news as I would get many uses out of it at a pretty good price. Adding to this there was also no unpleasant odour associated with the lube. Similar to most water based lubes, it was basically odourless unless you're going for a close up.

I actually paired this up with one of my ultra thin feel durex condoms and had no compatibility issues. It actually added to the ultra thin sensation that felt almost like wearing no condom at all. So it lives up to it's condom compatability claim.

KY lubricant 1

My partner went away for the weekend, so I thought I would take the reviewing into my owne hands if you know what I mean.

KY lubricant 2 Always there when I need you Alexis.

I can confirm that this lube is perfectly sex toy friendly. I had absolutely no issues using this with my fleshlight. Again the result was the same with a real person or a fleshlight I still didn't need that much lube. At the end of the day this is up to you!

The final thing I found was that clean up with my fleshlight was super easy. Because it only left a slight silky feeling on your hands it only took either a quick shower, or if it's mostly your hands affected, just a quick rinse is all it took. When it came to cleaning my fleshlight, all that was needed was a quick run rinse with water, left it to dry and there was no lingering lube to be found.

KY lubricant 3

In conclusion the KY waterbased lubricant was perfect. No nonsense, lives up to all it's promises. It's safe to pair up with your favourite condoms or sex toys, the skys the limit!

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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
10th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
ATMS and constituents are polite and professional. I now realize how far the product traveled, so it's understandable that the boxing was flimsy. Maybe use a little more tape next time. Thank you for your optional availability, you deserve positive recognition. Best regards
6th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Great products and great prices
6th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Was amazing , I expected it to take long cause of the public reviews but it came at a good time , I received all alerts about my package , they delivered it with care !!!
3rd August 2022
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Verified Purchaser
The vibrator starts off intense and as you click through the levels it goes to insane, wife loves it so I love it. Thanks ATMS!
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