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Orin's review of Durex ultra thin feel condoms 12pk

Content Producer
Enjoyed this more than I thought I would, felt really close to not wearing a condom at all.
Better than expected!

thin condoms

I had never actually explored different types of condoms. I've always just gone with the stock standard Durex Classic mainly because I was gifted these in bulk. So experimenting was something I never put much thought too and if I was going to I didn't think it would be ultra thin feel condoms. I wouldn't call myself a sprinter, probably more of a 400m dash, start well, play it smart during, and finish strong sort of guy... Anyway I never saw much point in using something that would encourage me getting to the point of no return before my partner. However, I was wrong! This review will be great for whatever distance you specialise in.

thin condoms 1

On first open, the first thing I noticed was that the condom felt a bit flimsy compared to a classic Durex pack. Whether this was a result of there being slightly less material then usual or maybe this condom was just a dud appearance wise. It turned out this didn't make too much difference, but felt a bit uneasy to start with as I thought it might be more prone to ripping etc.

thin condoms 2

The condom was super easy to put on, this isn't a game changer but the quicker the transition between foreplay and sex the better! Once on I could immediately feel it was a bit lighter, none of the slight glugginess you may have experienced with heavier condoms. In essence, I was now able to move with the speed and grace I always dreamed of


Speed and grace!

Before you could say "do you need help opening the condom packet," "sorry I just cut my nails" we were down to business and this was where these condoms shone! Just like the name of the condom suggests, it was about as close as you can get to not wearing a condom, whilst wearing a condom. I don't want to exaggerate, but every stroke just felt slightly better than usual. The sensation that the condom allowed meant that I got a better feeling out of each stroke and there were less nothing strokes, it was like deleting the annoying filler episodes in your favourite T.V series. Understandably, sometimes those filler strokes where you're just going at it but not feeling anything too amazing can be a good thing, as long as your partners still having a good time.

Because it felt better, this meant my body and facial expressions which were likely to be embarrasing were reacting to the improved sensation. The trade off here for me, was that sure I might not last not quite as long as usual, but my partners also enjoying this more seeing me really consumed with pleasure.


This is where ultra thin feel condoms actually have uses for many users. The first and potentially most beneficial use for these condoms is for those who can just go and go and go to the point where it's taking too long, these are going to cut down that time and make things more pleasurable. The second use is for those like me in the middle ground who might wear these every now and then for a treat, or if you've had sex a few times in the past day or two your sensations received might dull down a bit, so wearing these can keep things where you want them. The third way you can use these is just for one sided pleasure, just like a blowjob or handjob. Sometimes your partner will find it really hot if you just be completely selfish with your pleasure and with them knowing that you're wearing one of these, they'll know its feeling really good.

When it came to orgasm, again everything was enhanced. When you're having an orgasm your sensitivity goes into hyperdrive and these condoms really maximise this moment. I have much stronger orgasms wearing these, getting to that really unbearable level of sensitivity, where you have to ask your partner to stop.

thin condoms 3

So far I've had no problems with the quality or durability of these condoms. We haven't had any breakages and everything has always been retained easily. This was really important, because ultra thin condoms feel so similar to wearing no condom you might not actually notice the difference in sensation if it breaks during. Just incase, it's always a good idea to take a quick look down there when you switch positions, just to play it safe.

Overall I was very happy with these condoms. I definitely had underestimated the difference different types of condoms could provide. They were great quality and are yet to disappoint! For me, I think I will get these out whenever we are wanting to go more than once within a day, so when my sensations naturally become a bit more bumb, I will just get these out to restore balance in the world.

Thanks for reading, hope this review was helpful!

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