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Emma's review of Basix 35 inch beg butt plug

Emma Hewitt
Marketing Executive
The name really should have given this product away… it’s a basic Basix Butt Plug and that pretty much sums it up.
Basix Butt Plug, A Basic Butt Plug

This was my first ever butt toy and although it’s a mini one I was quite intimidated when we first opened it up as it was much longer than I expected. Butt (get it?), there was no need to be scared. The real challenge of a butt plug is the girth and this little baby is as about as thin as butt plugs get and once lubed up, it slid it pretty easily.

Now, because it is thin, it does mean that there is less of a size difference between the part that is inserted, the neck of the toy (that your sphincter muscles clamp around), and the base of the toy. And, sure that sounds great for insertion purposes, but with it comes to the butt, you need a flared base and the bigger that base is, the better. That’s because the base stops your booty muscles from literally sucking the whole toy up into your butt. No base, no trace baby. This one is pretty damn small, so I had to be pretty careful to not play too aggressively and make sure I could feel it there throughout the play session. Looking back, I would have picked a plug that had a wider base to feel a bit safer and more relaxed.

The other problem with this plug is the material. When you open the packaging, you are going to notice a super-strong chemically smell. That smell is rubber, which is what this toy is made from. It’s a pretty common thing for rubber toys to have a strong smell to start with and sometimes it goes away with a few washes and a few plays. But not always, and TBH, it’s gross and off-putting and not sexy. Mine actually did go away after a few washes but I make no promises about yours.

And, rubber. Not my favourite material. It smells and it's porous. That means that it cannot be sterilised and has the potential to harbour bacteria… yeah, kind of gross. So, you need to keep this toy to only one person and don’t share it. Anything that goes into your booty should be non-porous like silicone or glass if you want to be body-safe. You can also chuck a condom over the top of this plug to keep it body-safe of course and I suggest you do! Body-safety does not take a holiday ya'll.

So, this is an ok plug, but one that was used once by me and then replaced with a lovely silicone option because my booty is precious and yours should be too.

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Emma rated this product:
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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
13th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
So quick with delivery! Love love my new toy!
13th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
I love it! I wear it outside and give the remote to hubby. It makes me extremely horny he love to see me c*m outside. We also use it in the bedroom with hubby inside me. Great little toy for the outdoors.
11th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Arrived quickly and was packed well
11th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Great selection of toys, fast and quick delivery updates. This is my favorite adult store to shop at. Definitely recommend 👌
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