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Emma's review of Badbat

Emma Hewitt
Marketing Executive
5/5 Bad Bat Rules
Bad Bat by name, Bad Bitch by occupation

Ok, maybe not a full 5/5 but it's just so damn cute. Like, it's a bat... on a penis... and it's making all my goth dreams come true.

Let’s just start off this review by saying that I freaking love cock-rings but, in all honesty, vibrating cock rings are kinda annoying for owners of clits as far as I can tell. In most cases, for a clit-haver like myself to have an orgasm we gotta get some, constant, even, direct stimulation on the clitoris so a vibrating bullet popping on and off during P n V sex just ain’t gonna cut it. Obviously, I can't speak for all of us, but this is my review and I am speaking on behalf of my clitoris and all her clitoris friends.


This is a cock ring that sits at the base of the penis to trap the blood inside the erection and keep that erection strong, and for that purpose, this little sucker works. It’s made from stretchy silicone, so although it may look small now, it is super stretchy and will sit comfortably. It’s firm, but it’s not uncomfortable. You can always use a bit of water-based lube around the inside of the ring if you are having a hard time getting it on. This will help to get it sliding down that shaft like a dream. Oh, and make sure the penis is erect! Or you are going to be in struggle city and we are looking for pleasure town ya’ll!

Inside the bats head, there is a vibrator. It’s a single-speed, on/off, pretty basic thing that offers some low, buzzy vibrations. The idea is that this will stimulate the partner of the wearer of the ring while they thrust. But, as I mentioned earlier, this is super annoying to me. First off, the vibrations are far too buzzy for my liking and I am not a gal that can come if it feels like there is a literal bee attacking my clit.

The answer? Just don’t turn it on. Duh! Remove those annoying vibrations and this is a great silicone cock ring that ensures a big, bad bat wearing erection which is both sexy and hilarious in equal measure and I am INTO IT!

The Bad Bat is literally the cutest thing I own and uses alliteration in the title so I will never speak ill of it. As I said, 5/5, Bad Bat Rules!

Emma Top Tip: Pop the vibrating bit under the testicles so that the owner of said testicles can get constant vibration and love it and you can get no vibration but also no frustration, and also, love it! Win! Plus, cock rings make for big, bold penises (penii?) so that’s cool. Aren’t we just a couple of happy bats?

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Emma rated this product:
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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
10th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
ATMS and constituents are polite and professional. I now realize how far the product traveled, so it's understandable that the boxing was flimsy. Maybe use a little more tape next time. Thank you for your optional availability, you deserve positive recognition. Best regards
6th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Great products and great prices
6th August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Was amazing , I expected it to take long cause of the public reviews but it came at a good time , I received all alerts about my package , they delivered it with care !!!
3rd August 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
The vibrator starts off intense and as you click through the levels it goes to insane, wife loves it so I love it. Thanks ATMS!
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