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Ashley's review of Satisfyer pro plus gspot

Ashley Snow
Customer service superstar
If you're one of the lucky ones, then you'll LOVE this vibe!
Potential Hit or Miss.. But A Definite Hit For Me!

First off, I will say that I am one of the very lucky ones who get to love this product! The Satisfyer Pro 2 completely took over the internet and absolutely everyone was going crazy for it – everyone except me it seems. While I did enjoy the Pro 2, it just wasn’t enough for me to add it to my regular circulation of toys. I do break the Pro 2 out every now and again, but each time, I’m reminded why I love other toys more..

While the suction of the Pro 2 is great by itself, I just need more oomph! The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit seemed like it could be exactly what I was looking for – a bit of suction, with the extra oomph from an internal vibe. My only real concern was whether the measurements and shape of this toy would be compatible with my body – here is where I was lucky! It’s a perfect fit! If you haven’t read it yet, check out my review of the Hiky, which had so much potential but was a no-go from me due to its uncompromising shape. The Pro G-Spot Rabbit was clearly made with some idea that not all bodies are made the same, thus a bit of flexibility in the shaft is a must.

Satisfyer rabbit 3

Made of super soft silicone, this rather unintimidating looking rabbit is super easy to use if the shape works for you. The external ‘rabbit’ arm has the amazing suction technology that Satisfyer are known for, combined with a rumbly internal vibe, which also stays true to their Satisfyer Vibes range. I will say that the suction of the Pro G-Spot Rabbit isn’t as intense as the Pro 2 Next Generation, but when combined with the internal vibe.. oh wow!

Satisfyer rabbit 1

There is a ‘travel lock’ in place for operating both motors, so to turn these on you will need to hold down the two lowest buttons for 3-5 seconds. The first setting for the vibe is quite intense, and frankly, I haven’t needed to go past that first setting, which is a good sign for vulva owners that like a bit of power! I would recommend turning on the internal vibe first to warm up and use by itself as the internal vibe does have a bit of girth to it, which may be uncomfortable to insert if you aren’t a little bit aroused. Once you can use the internal vibe comfortably, then I would venture into using the suction part.

Satisfyer rabbit 2

Once you are warmed up internally, then getting the rabbit part in the right place may be easier. The internal vibe has some flexibility to it which is amazing, and makes it so much easier to get the nozzle of the rabbit in the right place. Definitely turn the rabbit on before you try placing it, as the suction will help you find where it works best for you – but start on the lowest setting as the noise of the Satisfyer is quite distinctive! Once the nozzle is flat against the skin, the sound is barely able to be heard under the covers, let alone through your bedroom door. I would also say that the suction of the Pro G-Spot Rabbit is also quieter than the Pro 2, but I feel like that might also be because you have the background hum of the internal vibe going on as well.

If you are like me and the combination of g-spot and clitoral stimulation is a must, then the warm up with the internal vibe will help prolong your self-love session – I’ve found that sometimes once I turn the suction on, it is game-over very quickly! However, if you’re after a bit of quick self-love then feel free to dive head first!

There is some contention in our office about this product, with some hating it, and others loving it. Which just goes to show that not every product will suit everyone.

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Ashley rated this product:
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