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Ashley's review of Hiky rabbit

Ashley Snow
Customer service superstar
If you are lucky enough to match the shape of this toy perfectly, then go for gold! However, if you are like the majority of the population with vaginas..
Hiky? A suction toy that does in fact, suck!

In theory, the Hiky would be a great option for those who want a rabbit vibe with some suction on their clitoris, instead of the classic vibration. Suction is great! But only if it’s in the right spot!

The Hiky has some serious suction behind it – to the point of being able to hold on to your skin by itself. It has soft silicone on the outside and the vibrations of the internal vibe are pretty great, but that’s about where the good parts stopped for me unfortunately.

IMG 7633

Underneath the soft silicone layer coating the vibe, is a rigid core which is unyielding. There are some products that you can tell are designed by those who will never use them, and this is definitely one! If you are lucky enough to have the anatomic measurements needed to use this product effectively then fab, but I am not so lucky.

On the one time I did manage to get the suction arm in the right position, it was great! The pulse setting is amazing! However, my insides did not agree with being pushed to their limits of being comfortable, and ultimately it didn’t get me anywhere close because of the position I needed to be in to make it fit properly.

IMG 7629

Now I’m not one of those people who think that every toy should feel good for me, as everyone is different. But I really wish that the Hikky had been designed with the uniqueness of people’s bodies in mind! For example, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit has a similar shape to it and you need the nozzle in the right position to enjoy it. While that product doesn't work for a lot of people, it works perfectly for me - I got quite lucky since its one of my favourites! The Satisfyer rabbit has quite a bit of flexibility to the internal vibe so you can make the shape work for you, so just a little bit of flexibility in the Hiky would have made a world of difference.

IMG 7631

There are some redeeming qualities; such as the high-quality silicone material, the fact that it is USB rechargeable, and it is water resistant which is great for cleaning. If you are like me and things don’t quite match up anatomically to make this product work; you do have the option of using the internal vibe as a clitoral vibe! It’s a bit awkward compared to a compact bullet vibe, but I will say that the vibrations are pretty fab and not too buzzy.

If you’re after a rabbit vibe with proper suction (unlike the air-pressure suction of the Satisfyer range), then give this one a go!

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Ashley rated this product:
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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
24th September 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Quick delivery and discreet packaging. Great toys too. Very happy couple
23rd September 2023
rating 4.0
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Very quick delivery
22nd September 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
quick and easy process, good reviews and lots of options.
20th September 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Fast delivery updates all the way great service will only go here in future 😀
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