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Ashley's review of Fifty shades of grey ive got you

Ashley Snow
Customer service superstar
If you’re into some discreet public play then this is the product for you! High quality silicone, rumbly vibrations, and an easy to use remote - what more could you want?
Fifty Shades Freed - I've Got You Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg

If you're into some discreet, cheeky, public play then this is the product for you! The idea of wearing a vibe out in public was something that was a bit daunting but too tempting, so I had to give it a go.

It was a tough choice deciding on which particular remote vibrating egg to go for as there are so many out there. My main concerns were the noise (obviously), as well as the battery life and the remote connectivity - I didn’t want something that disconnects easily, which would affect being able to turn it off remotely. I decided to go for the Fifty Shades Freed Love Egg due to the brand having a great reputation of having a low fault rate, but also because of the product being rechargeable, made of high-quality silicone, and the remote being simple and user-friendly enough to use without needing to look at the buttons (have to keep it discreet!).

Fifty Shades Egg 1

The product comes with a purple silk bag to keep the egg, remote and charger together easily. Which I believe I’ll need as this is the shortest charger I’ve ever seen. Seriously, its super short, which made charging it slightly awkward. To charge the product you unscrew the tail from the egg at the rose gold metal band. From here, it is a simple charging pin to plug in, and a full charge takes approximately 2 hours. Aside from the ridiculously short charging cable, my only other issue with this product is that the tail of the egg has a tendency to twist without undoing the cap to access the charging port. I’m unsure if this is just my egg, but I had to grip the base of the tail quite tightly in order to grip the top of the cap enough for it to twist undone.

Fifty Shades Egg 3

Aside from these two things, this is an awesome product! I did an initial ‘test’ to see how loud the egg was before leaving the house and in a quiet room, I felt like I could faintly hear it. Though, my perception was likely partially distorted as I was the one wearing it. However, in a crowded restaurant, no one would be the wiser. Which I put to the test on date night, and the look on his face when I handed him the remote was priceless!

It was slightly odd for him using the remote as he obviously had no idea what buttons were doing what exactly, and what setting was being used, but it made for an interesting dinner, with the best part being that no one around us had any clue what was happening. One thing to note is that you will need to pair the remote with the egg before inserting the egg, so make sure dinner isn’t hours away. The battery life is 60 minutes on a full charge, so plenty of time to enjoy dinner and dessert.

Fifty Shades Egg 2

The vibrations produced are more on the rumbly side of things, which is a big plus, and the size of the egg is very comfortable to wear for an extended period. It’s not so small that you feel like your pelvic muscles are getting a work out, but also not so big that it feels uncomfortable or heavy. There are 8 vibration patterns, with 12 speed settings, so plenty of variety to choose from, and they are easy to scroll through or change speed. Which he took advantage of every time any waiters came over during dinner. Overall, I’m a big fan of this product. The quality is of a high standard, and it’s easy to use, which is a must for a product of this nature. I have no doubt that we’ll be using this product often and for a long time to come.

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13th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
So quick with delivery! Love love my new toy!
13th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
I love it! I wear it outside and give the remote to hubby. It makes me extremely horny he love to see me c*m outside. We also use it in the bedroom with hubby inside me. Great little toy for the outdoors.
11th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Arrived quickly and was packed well
11th June 2024
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Great selection of toys, fast and quick delivery updates. This is my favorite adult store to shop at. Definitely recommend 👌
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