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What Your Sex Life Needs in 2022 According to Your Zodiac Sign

What Your Sex Life Needs in 2022 According to Your Zodiac Sign

Want advice from the stars on how to kickstart your sex life for the new year? Adulttoymegastore’s resident Astrologer and sex toy expert, Tika Tatyana, will let you know what the start of 2022 will hold for you when it comes to everything pleasure, and what your sex life needs in 2022 according to your Zodiac sign!

An Astrological update for all signs in January 2022

As we enter the new year of 2022, we awaken into a new energy, but not without memories of the past. With Venus Retrograde continuing from November 19th 2021 until January 29th 2022, all signs will have been dealing with a reflection on our pleasure, wants and understanding of relationships.

A retrograde means the planet can look like it’s moving in the opposite direction. It may sound a bit scary, but don’t worry we often get them throughout the year and they’re necessary for shaking things up.

With Venus also being in Capricorn, the sign of success and hard work, a lot of us may have been noticing our failures too much. However, this time is allowing us to get to the heart of what we really want! This isn’t the time of wishy-washy imagination, it’s a time to take hold of your love life and be the boss of your own desires. At the same time, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsettled do not fear as this will pass – only act when you are sure!

Venus and Mars will become more potent on the 24th of January, when both will be in the same sign of Capricorn. This strong harmonious pairing can set the tone for the year by encouraging all signs to initiate, be direct and grounded in the bedroom.

A Mercury retrograde will also happen from January 14th until January 25th impacting our communication. With so much occurring this January, sow the seeds for February to arrive with calmer, clearer waters.

It is always best to have a look at your sun, venus or rising when reading through this – take what resonates with you!

Find your birth chart here.

Now, let’s cover what your sex life needs in 2022, according to your zodiac sign!


Aries The fiery, spirited Ram who loves to run in fast and hot may need to slow down at the start of this year, but by no means does that mean your sex life! It just means that taking care of yourself during these retrogrades is a must. Feeling pampered and being in tune with your sensual side will help ground and stabilize you when life at work or study can be stressful.

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Taurus The earthy, pleasure-loving Bull will be going through quite a transformation at the start of the year. Things or situations that may have bothered you last year will be coming to a close, maybe you need to leave them behind (people included)? With all this grounding energy around you now is the time to act if you know what you want! Often Taurus take their time, but right now the universe is giving you all the resources to take control.

Who’s in charge? You are! Have fun making the decisions and letting someone be stuck watching you in awe. Try out a bondage kit or restraints for power play. Bedroom Restraint KitBedroom Restraint Kit$44.95Shop Now


Gemini The inquisitive mind of the Twins knows no bounds! At the start of this year the urge to open up and be honest with yourself and others may set free a lot of baggage that built up in 2021. People may say you’re two-faced, but in reality you just always see two sides to a story. The depth that January will bring you is going to be intense and, if done right, very meaningful. Now is the time to lean into your perspective, and if you have a partner get to know them on a deeper level, in and out of the bedroom!

Gemini loves all the possibilities – why not see how far you and a partner are willing to go and try to connect with the ‘We’ve never, but we will’ adult game? Weve Never But We Will  GameWe've Never But We Will - Game$12.95Shop Now


Cancer The start of 2022 for the intuitive Crab will be highly intense! Your emotions and feelings are always something you keep close and often the way you communicate with others you are intimate with. The full moon in your sign on the 18th of January will definitely be highlighting your romantic relationships and may bring up baggage or reflections of the past. It’s important to not to revert to old habits or people—exes may be popping up at this time. Be kind and gentle with yourself and you will see major changes in how you view your love life.

Need to try something new to get you out of old patterns? Experience extra sensations on the go with a partner or with yourself. Cancer needs stimulating options this January and these toys would be perfect. You decide! Remote Control Vibrating Anal PlugRemote Control Vibrating Anal Plug$46.95Shop NowShare Satisfaction Blyss Thrusting Kegel EggsShare Satisfaction Blyss Thrusting Kegel Eggs$55.95Shop Now


Leo The luxurious lion will be taking a step back at the start of the year, because you need some TLC! Often Leo loves being in the spotlight, the life of the party, however, you may notice that you might be feeling a bit drained if you’re going too hard this crazy season. Your health will be a priority and sexual wellbeing is a big part of that! If you allow yourself this ‘me time’, you will be starting off February a step ahead and will experience a whole other type of fresh energy.

Getting a sex toy kit to suit all your needs is a fantastic way to focus on your pleasure! Leo loves a cute bargain, and these might be the perfect way to add to your collection... Silhouette Dark Desires Be Mine KitSilhouette Dark Desires Be Mine Kit$39.95Shop NowGoodhead Sensations Kit  6 PieceGoodhead Sensations Kit - 6 Piece $23.95Shop Now


Virgo It’s ironic that you’re nicknamed the Virgin as you are often deeply sexually expressive when it comes down to it! The start of this year will be a breath of fresh air as your sign experiences a new power. And, it’s all to do with you! The people pleasing part of your personality will be on hold as you won’t be going to any event unless you actually want to be there, and that includes who you surround yourself with. At this time you will be finding pleasure in ‘me, myself, and I’. Lean into this and the kinds of people you will attract will be there for the right reasons.

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Libra The scales can be tipped in your favour for 2022! Except this is only if you set the groundwork at the start of the year by being present and balanced. Home may be a big part of your focus, as well as family. New directions or opportunities will be taking place in this part of your life. But how does this impact your sex and love life? It is time to embrace the changes and try new things. What's so amazing about Librans is that your airy, open-minded personality allows you to have experiences that many are too afraid to do.

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Scorpio The magnetism of the Scorpion will be in full force at the start of this year! While some other signs may not be feeling themselves that much in the dating scene right about now, you are the opposite. This is a time where you may be coming out of your shell or have more opportunities to meet new people. While you are known for your sex appeal, a lot of you possess a shyness and sometimes struggle to open up. This is a perfect time to go out on that date, flirt with that stranger, or set up some romantic time with a lover as you will be on fire!

Time to get close with a partner and explore each other’s bodies like your life depends on it. Ibex Sex Kit  Vibrating Cock Ring  Butt PlugIbex Sex Kit - Vibrating Cock Ring & Butt Plug$63.95Shop NowSatisfyer Endless FunSatisfyer Endless Fun$55.95Shop Now


Sagittarius It’s a new cycle for the rambunctious Centaur as you recently turned a year older! This new year can bring excitement and joy for Saggies that love a fresh start, however, a lot of you may be re-evaluating at this time. You will be thinking about what really makes you happy and there may be a possibility that you are choosing to end a cycle. That can be tough, but keep in mind that your pleasure is a top priority as long as it’s healthy, safe and sustainable. Please also be careful with your finances during this time—enjoy, but don’t go beyond your means.

It’s time to get some accessories for the bedroom that won’t break the bank and can be used a variety of ways. Share Satisfaction Luxury Bondage TiesShare Satisfaction Luxury Bondage Ties$13.95Shop NowReversible Lovers BlindfoldReversible Lovers Blindfold $14.95Shop Now


Capricorn At the start of 2022 it’s the birthday season for the ambitious Goat! It’s natural to get reflective around birthdays and you certainly will be feeling the need to switch things up. While so many planets are in Capricorn, everything you feel, do or decide will be amplified. That means it may feel a bit overwhelming at times. It’s important to not isolate yourself but share your new thoughts with others. You might be wanting to try a new look, tick off a sexual experience from your bucket list or play a role you have never tried before. Do it!

Capricorns love committing to a powerful position. Maybe it’s time to get into some role play? Boss Sexy CEO SetBoss Sexy Ceo Set$39.95Shop NowKink Wet Works Master ApronKink Wet Works Master Apron$95.95Shop Now


Aquarius The unconventional water bearer will be cruising through January at their own pace! Aquarians love to daydream and philosophise on their life and how they fit into the world. Around this time you may be much more in your thoughts, thinking back on past memories, lovers and experiences. As someone that likes to take non-traditional routes and loves the extraordinary, I am sure there is much to remember. Having fantasies is important to keep pleasure inspiring and alive.

Why not share a sexy memory with your lover? Or better yet why not be the only one talking? SM  Bondage TapeS&m Bondage Tape$23.95Shop NowPremium Hush Locking Silicone Comfort Ball GagPremium Hush Locking Silicone Comfort Ball Gag$35.95Shop Now


Pisces A bold start to the year is exactly what the creative Fish needs to start this new cycle! During this time, new routines and circumstances will be unfolding for you. There is a chance that you may be looking at your circle of friends differently and some you may even be sexually interested in. Make sure to make good judgement calls and don’t compromise any platonic relationships if you think it will get awkward. For people in relationships, maybe inviting someone you trust and are attracted to into the bedroom could be a way to spice things up.

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Happy New Year!

If you want some sex toy inspo, check out Adulttoymegastore’s top selling sex toys for 2021.

Illustrations by Aimée Sullivan. Follow her on Instagram: @aimeeisokay.

Content disclaimer:

Adulttoymegastore does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment for illness. Any information published on this website, either by Adulttoymegastore or its authors, is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a medical professional.

Tika Tatyana, Sex Toy & Astrology Expert
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