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At ATMS we love to make your shopping experience super sweet. That's why we have a bunch of amazing achievements to offer you as a reward for shopping with us.

We offer achievements for purchasing, reviews, taking part in promos and even interacting with us onsite.

All you need to start earning is to sign up for an ATMS Customer Account (why don’t you have one already? Make shopping a breeze, save a Wishlist, review products, view your orders. So much win!) Just make sure you are logged in every time you use ATMS so you don’t miss out.

Achievement Progess
Oh no! Looks like you haven't got any achievements yet or you haven't logged in. Make sure you are logged in to check out your achievements or take a look below and see how you can start earning.
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This is where you can keep track of all of the ATMS Achievements you have already earned and find out what is still available for you.
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These are all the Achievements that are still available for you. So many Loyalty Dollars await. Dive on in. The water is oh so warm!
Tis the Season 1
Tis the Season 2
Tis the Season 3
Tis the Season
To get jolly with some brand new toys, am I right?! Thanks for purchasing from us during Xmas 2016.
Oh So Nice 1
Oh So Nice 2
Oh So Nice 3
Oh So Nice
Sugar and spice and all things nice. You made the Nice List just like you knew you would!
Sooo Naughty 1
Sooo Naughty 2
Sooo Naughty 3
Sooo Naughty
You got naughty too? I knew it! Welcome to the dark side. You are officially on the Naughty List!
Wish Granted 1
Wish Granted 2
Wish Granted 3
Wish Granted
Dreams really do come true. You purchased something from your Wishlist. Go you!
Giving + Receiving 1
Giving + Receiving 2
Giving + Receiving 3
Giving + Receiving
Giving the gift that will keep on giving this year I see. I like your style! You purchased from our Xmas Gift Category. Yay!
Account Activation 1
Account Activation 2
Account Activation 3
Account Activation
Whoo hoo your account has been activated. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!
Reward: $3.00 Loyalty Dollars
Got Your Wings 1
Got Your Wings 2
Got Your Wings 3
Got Your Wings
Ohhh yea... You just made it to first base. Thanks for making your first order.
Santa's Little Helper 1
Santa's Little Helper 2
Santa's Little Helper 3
Santa's Little Helper
You got me a gift? You shouldn't have! Thanks for taking part in our Christmas promotion in 2015
Shot Through the Heart 1
Shot Through the Heart 2
Shot Through the Heart 3
Shot Through the Heart
Looks like you really made someone's day this Valentine's. Thanks for taking part in 2016
Round Two Already?! 1
Round Two Already?! 2
Round Two Already?! 3
Round Two Already?!
Back for more already? I like your style. Let’s make it official. You’re a frequent buyer!
Reward: $3.00 Loyalty Dollars
Helping Hands 1
Helping Hands 2
Helping Hands 3
Helping Hands
You're really good with your hands, giving a helping hand that is. Five admin approved reviews!
Reward: $3.00 Loyalty Dollars
You're signed up to be first to hear about speacial deals, sweet new product ranges and brand new promos.
We Do Not Sow 1
We Do Not Sow 2
We Do Not Sow 3
We Do Not Sow
You found a bargain good enough to jump ship for huh? Thanks for taking part in week 1 of our Winter Promo!
Reward: $2.00 Loyalty Dollars
Hear Me Roar 1
Hear Me Roar 2
Hear Me Roar 3
Hear Me Roar
All that glitters is gold. Toys so shiny you will lose your head… or your hand. Thanks for taking part in week 2 of our Winter Promo!
Reward: $2.00 Loyalty Dollars
Fire And Blood 1
Fire And Blood 2
Fire And Blood 3
Fire And Blood
You bagged a bargain so hot you’ll be breathing fire. Thanks for taking part in week 3 of our Winter Promo!
Reward: $2.00 Loyalty Dollars
Winter Is Coming 1
Winter Is Coming 2
Winter Is Coming 3
Winter Is Coming
Winter’s not the only thing that’s coming… Thanks for taking part in week 4 of our Winter Promo!
Reward: $2.00 Loyalty Dollars
Genie in a Bottle 1
Genie in a Bottle 2
Genie in a Bottle 3
Genie in a Bottle
You really have been rubbing it the right way honey… 3 Wishlist items are all yours. Yesssss!
Reward: $1.00 Loyalty Dollars
You're a TEN! 1
You're a TEN! 2
You're a TEN! 3
You're a TEN!
Shawty you're a ten. 10 reviews and counting! All admin approved too. You're our boo.
Reward: $3.00 Loyalty Dollars
Fifteen Dream Team 1
Fifteen Dream Team 2
Fifteen Dream Team 3
Fifteen Dream Team
You really love toys, don’t you? Toys love you too!! Fifteen reviews… phew!
Reward: $3.00 Loyalty Dollars
Bitch I'm back 1
Bitch I'm back 2
Bitch I'm back 3
Bitch I'm back
Back for more I see? Who can blame ya! Twice in 8 weeks… Niiiice.
Reward: $3.00 Loyalty Dollars
Jingle Till You Tingle 1
Jingle Till You Tingle 2
Jingle Till You Tingle 3
Jingle Till You Tingle
Is that a candy cane in your pocket or you just happy to see me? You took part in Xmas 2017. Yay!!
Reward: $1.00 Loyalty Dollars
The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
18th March 2020
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Adult toy megastore has an extraordinary wide range of adult toys. Prices were great as was the shipping. When I am looking for variety and prices — the adult toy megastore is my go to store.
14th March 2020
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Great products and service.
10th March 2020
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
It was good. That is all.
3rd March 2020
rating 4.0
Verified Purchaser
Great service, prompt and discreet. Highly recommended
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